I am working with Azure and I have noticed that for every resource group and resource it created an ID that looks like this.

For Resource Groups /subscriptions/<Subscriptionid>/resourceGroups/<resourcegroupname>

and For Resource it looks like this /subscriptions/<Subscriptionid>/resourceGroups/<resourcegroupname>/providers/Microsoft.Compute/disks/<disk name>

This is azure's unique identifier.

What kind of URI is this, a URL or URN?


well, it cant be urn, because its supposed to start with urn, so this is a url

What is the difference between URI, URL and URN?

on the other hand, azure mentions these as resource ID everywhere, so probably not url, i think its just a URI thats somewhat unique to azure

  • But it does not have the protocol as part of the URI, so can it be a URL – Pharaoh Nov 7 '18 at 16:12

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