Python 3.7.1: Calling grep with subprocess.Popen to pull errors from a log file. When printing to screen, line breaks \n are not processed.


a = subprocess.Popen(["grep", "ERR", "errors.log"], stdout=subprocess.PIPE)


ERR 1 ret: 31113\nERR 2 ret: 35523\nERR 3 ret: 3810 (etc.)

Can't imagine why the line breaks are not processed. I would expect this:

ERR 1 ret: 31113
ERR 2 ret: 35523
ERR 3 ret: 3810

Been combing the 'net for answers, but no luck. Thx :^)


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  • Popen returns bytes. Have you tried – Jean-François Fabre Nov 7 at 19:59

Specify an encoding to decode the subprocess output with. I can't tell you what your errors.log file is encoded with, but give "utf-8" a try:

a = Popen(["grep", "ERR", "errors.log"], stdout=subprocess.PIPE, encoding='utf-8')
  • Love you man <3 – kmiklas Nov 7 at 19:56

Popen standard output and errors are bytes per default. Printing bytes doesn't try to print the linefeeds as such, but prints their representation instead.

Prior to 3.5, you cannot use encoding, but you can certainly decode the output to string using bytes.decode:

a = subprocess.Popen(["grep", "ERR", "errors.log"], stdout=subprocess.PIPE)

(decode can need an argument depending on the contents of the file)

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