I used to be able to use the following in my build.sbt file to allow me to executed a run command while in my root project, but the run command would only run in the context of my migrations project:

lazy val root = project.dependsOn(rest,migrations).settings(publish := { }).disablePlugins(RevolverPlugin, AssemblyPlugin)
lazy val rest = project.enablePlugins(BuildInfoPlugin)
lazy val migrations = project.dependsOn(rest).settings(mainClass in (Compile, run) := Some("com.myapp.Migrations"), fork in run := true).disablePlugins(RevolverPlugin)

run in Compile <<= (run in Compile in migrations)

I would then execute run like so:

> run up

(p.s. up is an argument to be passed to com.myapp.Migrations)

However, when updating to sbt v0.13.17 I now receive the warning:

See http://www.scala-sbt.org/0.13/docs/Migrating-from-sbt-012x.html
run in Compile <<= (run in Compile in migrations)

In the referenced url, it seems to indicate that I can replace the <<= with :=, however if I change it like so:

run in Compile := (run in Compile in migrations)

And then I type in run up in sbt, I get the error:

[error] Expected ID character
[error] Not a valid command: run (similar: plugin, new)
[error] Expected project ID
[error] Expected configuration
[error] Expected ':' (if selecting a configuration)
[error] Expected key
[error] Expected '::'
[error] Expected end of input.
[error] run up
[error]    ^

Does anyone know how I can update the aforementioned line to be compliant with 0.13.x and still work as expected?

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See https://www.scala-sbt.org/0.13/docs/Migrating-from-sbt-012x.html#Migrating+with

Migrating with InputKey

When using InputKey instead of:

run <<= docsRunSetting

when migrating you mustn’t use .value but .evaluated:

run := docsRunSetting.evaluated

In your case try run in Compile := (run in Compile in migrations).evaluated.

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