I have the following html:

<code>The first code block</code>
<p>Some text and <code>the second code block</code> followed by other text</p>

I need to find and remove all code blocks from it. I use the following XPath '//code', but it finds only the first code block while the second remains.

Question: Why '//code' is not able to catch the second code block? How to fix it?

Details: I'm doing it in Ruby using Nokagiry. My code looks like this:

html = Nokogiri::HTML(File.read(htmlFile))


The XPath worked in fact. I just made a mistake in different place.


Seems like You forget about iterator...

html = Nokogiri::HTML(File.read(htmlFile))
html.search('//code').each{|htm| htm.remove}
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    Thank you. It turns out the the XPath I mentioned in the question worked, I had an error in different place. But your code also works. – Sasha Shpota Nov 8 '18 at 7:30

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