I am learning about Python and I am facing a problem that is driving me crazy.

My code is:

print('Cargar Imagenes: ');

#Importing libraries

import pygame
import random
from pygame.locals import *
import sys

#Setting the timer

fpsClock = pygame.time.Clock()

#Sizing and creating the window.

width = 480;
height = 640;

surface = pygame.display.set_mode((width, height));

sprites = open('space_inv_sprites.txt').readlines();


cont = 0;

while cont < int(len(sprites)):
    elem = sprites[cont].split(); 

    if elem[2] == 'tanque':
        print('Cargando imagen ', elem[1]);
        tanque_img = pygame.image.load(elem[1])
        tanque_img = pygame.transform.scale(tanque_img, (64, 64))

        tanque_w = tanque_img.get_rect().size[0]
        tanque_h = tanque_img.get_rect().size[1]
        tanque_img = pygame.transform.scale(tanque_img, (64, 64))

    elif elem[2] == 'marciano_1':
        print('Cargando imagen ', elem[1]);
        mar01_img = pygame.image.load(elem[1])
        mar01_img = pygame.transform.scale(mar01_img, (64, 64))

        mar01_w = mar01_img.get_rect().size[0]
        mar01_h = mar01_img.get_rect().size[1]

    elif elem[2] == 'marciano_2':
        print('Cargando imagen ', elem[1]);
        mar02_img = pygame.image.load(elem[1])
        mar02_img = pygame.transform.scale(mar02_img, (64, 64))

        mar02_w = mar02_img.get_rect().size[0]
        mar02_h = mar02_img.get_rect().size[1]

    elif elem[2] == 'marciano_3':
        print('Cargando imagen ', elem[1]);
        mar03_img = pygame.image.load(elem[1])
        mar03_img = pygame.transform.scale(mar03_img, (64, 64))

        mar03_w = mar03_img.get_rect().size[0]
        mar03_h = mar03_img.get_rect().size[1]

    elif elem[2] == 'nave_nodriza':
        print('Cargando imagen ', elem[1]);
        nodr_img = pygame.image.load(elem[1])
        nodr_img = pygame.transform.scale(nodr_img, (128, 64))

        nodr_w = nodr_img.get_rect().size[0]
        nodr_h = nodr_img.get_rect().size[1]

    elif elem[2] == 'bunquer':
        print('Cargando imagen ', elem[1]);
        bunquer_img = pygame.image.load(elem[1])
        bunquer_img = pygame.transform.scale(tanque_img, (64, 64))

        bunquer_w = bunquer_img.get_rect().size[0]
        bunquer_h = bunquer_img.get_rect().size[1]

    elif elem[2] == 'fondo_1':
        print('Cargando imagen ', elem[1]);
        back01 = pygame.image.load(elem[1])

        back01_w = bunquer_img.get_rect().size[0]
        back01_h = bunquer_img.get_rect().size[1]

    elif elem[2] == 'fondo_2':
        print('Cargando imagen ', elem[1]);

    elif elem[2] == 'fondo_3':
        print('Cargando imagen ', elem[1]);
    elif elem[2] == 'fondo_4':
        print('Cargando imagen ', elem[1]);

    cont = cont + 1;

while True:

    surface.blit(back01, (0, 0));

    surface.blit(nodr_img, (0, 0));
    surface.blit(tanque_img, (0, (height - tanque_h)));

    surface.blit(mar01_img, (0, height/4));
    surface.blit(mar02_img, (((width/2) - (mar02_w/2)), (height/2)));
    surface.blit(mar03_img, ((width-mar03_w), 3*(height/4)));



If I comment out all the while loop, Python opens the window and closes it with no issues. But with all the code working, it opens it and crashes.

I am working with:

My system is: Windows 7 SP1; Python 3.7.0; pygame 1.9.4

Thank you in advance

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    On this site, your whole post needs to be in English, I'm not sure why you switch languages part of the way through. Also, did you use an IDE with a debugger, and put a breakpoint right before the line where the crash happens? If not, you really ought to learn how to do that, since it's an essential debugging tool. Another question is, what's the error you're even getting? And does the problem only happen with the complete above code, or would it be possible to post a version that still crashes but doesn't have a bunch of unnecessary extra code? – Random Davis Nov 7 at 21:34
  • Possible duplicate of Pygame window not responding after a few seconds – skrx Nov 8 at 14:53
  • Read Ted Klein Bergman's answer. – skrx Nov 8 at 14:54
  • Sorry for the paragraph in spanish it was just a mistake. And thank you skrx, the information inside that post helped me. :) – J. Betanzos Nov 12 at 23:42

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