I use this code to be able to click on a certain cell in my grid and be able to output the string in that cell. It works perfectly fine in my VCL application.

procedure TForm1.StringGridBindSourceDB1CellDblClick(const Column: TColumn;
  const Row: Integer);

  Pt := grid.ScreenToClient(mouse.CursorPos);
  Coordinates := grid.MouseCoord(Pt.X, Pt.Y);

  ClickCol := Coordinates.X;
  ClickRow := Coordinates.Y;
  html_body := grid.Cells[ClickCol, ClickRow];

However when I try to achieve the same result in a firemonkey application I am not able to use "TGridCood," "ScreenToClient," or "mouse.CursorPos"

"grid" is a TStringGrid

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    Why not use the OnCellDblClick event? It delivers Column and Row. – Uwe Raabe Nov 7 at 21:54
  • I am doing that currently. I use the OnCellDblClickEvent and the code above is what I use. I'll update my question. – Francisco Ochoa Nov 7 at 21:56
  • How do I proceed from there? – Francisco Ochoa Nov 7 at 21:56
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    Just write html_body := grid.Cells[Column.Index, Row]; – Uwe Raabe Nov 7 at 22:58

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