I read input using scanf in given format:

scanf("<%d;%d>%c", &lo, &hi, &op);

This accepts some string like <1;10>k. This works when I enter exactly in that syntax, but it doesn't work with whitespaces, so e.g. this won't work:

    <      1 ;
3 >      

So how do I make scanf ignore these whitespaces?


Put spaces before the literal characters in the format string for scanf(). You don't actually need spaces before most % conversion specifications (%c, %n and %[…] are the exceptions; they do not skip white space), but they may as well be there for symmetry (they do not harm). Hence:

if (scanf(" < %d ; %d > %c", &lo, &hi, &op) == 3)
    …all OK — at least, three values were read OK…

If you were matching a % symbol in the input, you'd use %% in the format string; that'll skip leading white space too.

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