My goal is take over the "beforeinstallprompt" event, and only show it once the user taps on a button.

So per the docs, I'm catching the event like so:

  window.addEventListener('beforeinstallprompt', e => {
    //save the event for later

However, the prompt still shows up on itself as if I never called e.preventDefault().

So what's going on here?

  • Does beforeinstallprompt ever get fired (add some logging/a breakpoint to check)? I'm assuming you're seeing this with Chrome—which version are you using? – Jeff Posnick Nov 8 '18 at 19:51
  • If you are not using Chrome, try using a normal anonymous function rather than an arrow function on the listener and add a console.log after preventDefault() to make sure the listener is attached – Charis Theo Nov 13 '18 at 14:06

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