i used to have emberjs 1.13 which i upgraded to 3.5 i got an issue with belongsTo relationships where i cannot access those data in it. my code as below


export default DS.Model.extend( {

  title: DS.attr( 'string' ),
  description: DS.attr( 'string' ),
  published: DS.attr( 'boolean' ),
  publishedAt: DS.attr( 'date' ),

  course: DS.belongsTo( 'course' ),
  author: DS.belongsTo( 'profile', { async: true } ),

  viewed: false,
  isNew: true,


in controller

this.get('model.published') working 
this.get('model.author.name') not working 

but the same code was working on 1.13 of emberjs

with ember data 1.13

enter image description here

with ember data 3.5

enter image description here

  • Is the author already loaded? can you reproduce in a twiddle? This looks good, it should work. – Lux Nov 8 at 13:53
  • Can you show us your route model(), route template, route controller and author model? It looks like author is not yet present in the store. Perhaps remove async? – Jan Werkhoven Nov 9 at 4:11

That's a big upgrade from 1.13 straight to 3.5.

A lot has changed. To fully understand what changed and why, I much recommend reading each of the Ember release notes every time you upgrade a minor or major version. Super helpful.

Most likely author was not loaded into the store. Check your route's model(), network request and Ember Inspector if data loaded in.

If loaded in, it may be the async: true. Try remove it?

This is a working example in Ember 3.5:


import Model from 'ember-data/model';
import attr from 'ember-data/attr';
import { belongsTo } from 'ember-data/relationships';

export default Model.extend({

  // Attributes
  title: attr('string'),
  description: attr('string'),
  published: attr('string'),
  publishedAt: attr('string'),

  // Relationships:
  // No need for async: true
  course: belongsTo('course'),
  author: belongsTo('author')



import Model from 'ember-data/model';
import attr from 'ember-data/attr';

export default Model.extend({
  name: attr('string')


import Route from '@ember/routing/route';

export default Route.extend({
  model(params) {
    // Assuming you use JSON API
    // Make sure `author` is included when fetching `thing`
    return this.store.query('thing', {
      include: 'author, course'


import Controller from '@ember/controller';

export default Controller.extend({
  • thanks alot for your detailed answer. but this doesn't resolve my issue of obtaining author. and for your more information i have upgraded by 1.13->2.18->3.5 but issue was there in 2.18 as well. i have re write a detailed question again in stackoverflow. i would really appreciate if you can have a look on that stackoverflow.com/questions/53255803/… – Thilina Dinith Fonseka Nov 12 at 4:02

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