I created a project in unity and exported it as WebGL, but when I open it in Chrome, I get this message (Please see image attached). If there is a fix, I need it to not have to be manually applied to the browser (if possible).

This is the error that pops up in the chrome browser

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As the error states you cannot retrieve the resource you're looking for from an url that is prefixed with file:// (probably an image or a sound, your url probably looks something like file://SomeFolder/Foo/bar.jpg)

Instead you need to host it somehwere the allows you to access the resource through http, and receive the resource over http.so you get an url like http://somehost.com/somefolder/bar.jpg. you could do this using FTP or hosting yourself

  • Could you please explain in more detail ? – BlindGuardian Nov 8 at 9:59
  • Google Chrome does not allow you to load Unity webGL from the local file system due to security reasons. In order to play your webGL scene you need to upload it to a http server first, and then open that in your browser. So instead of loading it from a local location on your pc like "file://C/Users/Foo/Games/WebGL/MyGame" you need to load it from an actual web page like "http://mywebsite.com/games/myGame" if you have a hosted http server. Alternatively you can run your own local server. There are plenty of resources online that'll tell you how to run a local test server – remy_rm Nov 8 at 10:37

You need to run a local server

Here's a easy one


Here's a bunch more

What is a faster alternative to Python's http.server (or SimpleHTTPServer)?

They will take you 30 seconds to get going.

Basically if you load a webpage from a local file directly (file://some/path/to/file) chrome blocks that page from accessing other files because it's a security risk. If a local file could access other files on your computer it could upload those files to some other website so chrome blocks it.

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