How can I disable QSlider's emitting SIGNAL valueChanged on keyboard arrows and mouseWheel scroll. By setting


the keyboards arrows keys are not emitting signals.

How can I do the same for mouse wheel scroll? I don't want to reimplement my custom Slider class from QSlider. Am asking for any work around or api, so that I can disable the keyboard and mouse wheel scroll responding to qslider.

The main intention is to avoid sending signals on every valueChange. So I have implemented the following and it's working fine


based on bool flag updated in these 2 slots,


is doing the required after slider released, value is being added in the required application.

Request to provide approaches, examples for the work around.

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    thats not really possible. If the value changes, that signal is emitted. Thats the definition of it. You already proposed the solution yourself: Use the pressed/released signals to react to the value instead of using the valueChanged signal. – Felix Nov 8 at 10:20
  •'s right. – Sayan Bera Nov 8 at 12:15
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class CBlockWheelEV: public QObject
    CBlockWheelEV( QObject* parent ): QObject( parent ) {}
    bool eventFilter(QObject * pObject, QEvent * pEvent) override
        if ( pEvent->type() == QEvent::Wheel )
            qDebug() << pObject << pEvent;
            return true; // if return false - Scroll was unlocking
        return false;

ui->sldTest->installEventFilter( new CBlockWheelEV( ui->sldTest ) );

You can use EventFilter to block emitting signals ValueChanged from QSlider by wheel rotating. But if you want some special behavior - you need control additional options in you EventFilter. EventFilter can manage many behavior of object without subclassing it.

  • I'll implement this and let you know...but a concern is that, if it disables the mouseWheel button click..then we may be have to change some major thing. – Sayan Bera Nov 8 at 12:19
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    I think mouse button press have another event type like: QEvent::MouseButtonDblClick QEvent::MouseButtonPress QEvent::MouseButtonRelease – break1 Nov 8 at 13:46
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    A simpler resource management idea would be to have the following method: static installOn(QObject *o) { Q_ASSERT(o->thread() && qApp && o->thread() == qApp->thread()); static CBlockWheelEv blocker; o->installEventFilter(&blocker); } The filter is quite useless in non-gui threads, and you don't need more than one instance of it. – Kuba Ober Nov 9 at 18:19

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