I've got question regarding workbox and create-react-app v2. I'm using workbox-build to generate custom service worker, and there is a problem with injecting

const backgroundSync = new workbox.backgroundSync.Plugin('ticketsQueue', {
  maxRetentionTime: 24 * 60 // Retry for max of 24 Hours

const buildSW = () =>
    globDirectory: 'build',
   // importWorkboxFrom: 'local',
    globPatterns: ['**/*.{json,ico,html,js,css,woff2,woff,png,svg}'],
    globIgnores: ['asset-manifest.json'],
    skipWaiting: true,
    clientsClaim: true,
    swDest: 'build/sw.js',
    navigateFallback: 'index.html',
    directoryIndex: 'index.html',
    runtimeCaching: [
        urlPattern: new RegExp(`^${apiUrl}/tickets/create`),
        handler: 'networkOnly',
        options: {
          plugins: [
        method: 'POST'


When I try too execute buildSW() with nodejs it gives a reference error. ReferenceError: workbox is not defined How to include it? Or is there any other way? Thanks


There are a couple of options.

First, you can switch to using injectManifest mode, and have complete control over your service worker, relying on the build tool to just inject the array of files to precache.

Second, there is a shortcut options property that simplifies adding in the background sync plugin. The config looks something like:

runtimeCaching: [{
  // Match any same-origin request that contains 'api'.
  urlPattern: /api/,
  handler: 'networkOnly',
  options: {
    backgroundSync: {
      name: 'my-queue-name',
      options: {
        maxRetentionTime: 60 * 60,
  • Thanks for anwser. Last week I didn't saw this option in documentation :) However after trying this out I noticed that generated Service Worker don't pass callbacks functions for queueDidReplay if you put it in options – Daniel Dróżdzel Nov 13 '18 at 6:50

Well, after playing around with the url pattern, i realised that this is where I had erred. One fix, in the URL pattern and i saw indexeddb queue getting created and background sync starting to happen as expected. Thanks a lot

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