I am doing program to load text file for information. It can be opened properly in Microsoft Word with Text encoding Western European (Windows). So I can say text file is ok.

refer to Remy Lebeau's sample code at Why does ReadLn mis-interpret UTF8 text when non-unicode page is Korean (949)?

procedure TfrmInformation.udpLoadFile(txtFileName: String);
  gFile: TStreamReader;
  gLine: String;
  gFile := TStreamReader.Create(txtFilename, TEncoding.UTF8, True);
    while not gFile.EndOfStream do begin
      gLine := gFile.ReadLine;

When program runs to line "while not gFile.EndOfStream do begin" and it generates error:

No mapping for the Unicode character exists in the target multi-byte code page

Please give any suggestion to load unicode properly. My system is Windows 10 x64 and default language is English(Australia).


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    "It can be opened properly in Microsoft Word with Text encoding Western European (Windows). So I can say text file is ok." - That implies that the text file is not UTF-8, but another encoding (Western European Windows). If you treat it as UTF-8, you may encounter combinations of bytes which would be invalid in UTF-8, which seems to be exactly what is happening here. – GolezTrol Nov 8 at 11:59
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    Please provide a Minimal, Complete, and Verifiable example. We don't want to see event handlers for a GUI. Just a very short simple console app and an example text file, perhaps base64 encoded so that we can be sure of the actual encoding. Then it will be trivial to answer your question. If we have to guess then you may not get lucky. If we don't have to guess we can guarantee an answer. Also, this isn't real code because it doesn't compile. Posting fake code is not cool. Minimal, Complete, and Verifiable example. – David Heffernan Nov 8 at 12:01
  • Open the file in notepad, do file save as, what does encoding show as along the bottom of the dialog? Try selecting UTF-8 if it s not already selected and save before trying your code again. – Brian Nov 8 at 13:08
  • If this file encoded in western european codepage (1252), then it is definitely not utf-8 (65001). Load the file by notepad++, use "Encoding\Convert to UTF-8" and save as the file. It will be an UTF-8 file. – The Bitman Nov 8 at 14:30
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    Otherwise, since the constructor of TStreamReader lets you specify an encoding, and the file is clearly not UTF-8, just specify the correct encoding, eg: Enc := TEncoding.GetEncoding(1252); try gFile := TStreamReader.Create(txtFilename, Enc, False); ... finally Enc.Free; end; or, if the file's encoding matches the user's default encoding: gFile := TStreamReader.Create(txtFilename, TEncoding.Default, True); – Remy Lebeau Nov 8 at 18:56

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