I am attempting to subscribe to a Tuya MQ Server.

I have been given the following code example in Java:

package com.tuya.open.sdk.example;
import org.apache.pulsar.client.impl.TopicMessageIdImpl;
import com.tuya.open.sdk.mq.MqConsumer;

public class ConsumerExample {

public static void main(String[] args) throws Exception {
    String url = "pulsar+ssl://mqe.tuyacn.com:7285/";
    String accessId = "";
    String accessKey = "";

    MqConsumer mqConsumer = MqConsumer.build().serviceUrl(url).accessId(accessId).accessKey(accessKey)
            .maxRedeliverCount(3).messageListener(message -> {
                System.out.println("Message received:" + new String(message.getData()) + ",seq="
                        + message.getSequenceId() + ",time=" + message.getPublishTime() + ",consumed time="
                        + System.currentTimeMillis() + ",partition="
                        + ((TopicMessageIdImpl) message.getMessageId()).getTopicPartitionName());

Can anyone give me any ideas on how to do the above in c#?

It appears to be using a number of packages/imports. Does anyone know of .Net alternatives.

Any help/pointers would be very much appreciated.

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