I need to run a classification algorithm to a big dataset of one hundred gigabites. I need to do preprocessing, merging the different files into this big one and then run the machine learning algorithm. My plan is to use Python, pandas dataframe and Scikit-learn and use a Jupyter notebook to run the code. Is this a feasible approach? I have a powerful Google Cloud VM that will host my data. Would it make more sense to have a database?

Note: I tried using Google's datalab and it crashed half way when loading the data using pandas read csv method. After doing some research, this turns out to be a known issue so I am not going to consider datalab anymore.


  • This is too broad and will likely get closed. Try to be more specific. – petezurich Nov 8 at 15:19
  • I have N number of files sitting on a Google Cloud bucket. Each of them is about 1GB. Once I merge them, the file is going to be about one hundred gigs. I need to load each file to be able to merge them into one. My question is therefore, what is the best set of technologies to do this? Do I need to use spark, a database or a pandas data frame should be able to handle this? I also need to feed this dataframe to a Scikit learn function. Thanks and any more details I will be happy to add, just can't think of anything else. – Mauricio Rodriguez Nov 8 at 15:23
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    Please, do not use the comments space for this kind of additional info - edit & update your post instead! – desertnaut Nov 8 at 17:34

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