I have several POG_ID(Planogram_ID) for one LOCATION_ID which is fine but there are duplicates in POG_ID column with same LOCATION_ID. I need a unique POG_ID only once for one LOCATION_ID, the same POG_ID can appear again but for another LOCATION_ID.

For example :

I need POG 2860 appear only once for LOC 12 but POG 2860 could appear again for LOC 17. https://i.stack.imgur.com/pqmet.jpg

Quick Help is greatly appreciated! New to Programming all together.

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    If you require urgent help, I suggest you hire someone. Otherwise read How to Ask. – SJR Nov 8 at 16:05
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  • @SJR Sorry for posting question like this. I am new to stack overflow as well. – mohit mishra Nov 8 at 16:13
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    What you are looking for is a Unique(inputValues) or Distinct(inputValues) function. There are already a couple of possibly relevant questions linked in the Related column on the right-hand side. I'd suggest you take a look at them and/or search this site for these keywords. Then you can come back and edit your question (or delete this one and ask a new question) with the problems you encounter implementing a solution you found. – Inarion Nov 8 at 16:23

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