I know what is Ref in this official doc. The challenge I have is I didn't find any official document for innerRef. Is it still in use?

I learned about innerRef from here:

<ReferenceBox innerRef={ref}>

If somebody could point me what is innerRef, it would be good enough. Thanks!

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    innerRef is just a custom prop name like any other, that the author of ReferenceBox uses as ref on one of the elements in the component, so that users of ReferenceBox can get a ref to it. – Tholle Nov 8 '18 at 16:07

innerRef is not a standard React property. It is a property of the React Popper module and is documented here.

It is a

Function that can be used to obtain popper reference


innerRef is just a custom property that the authors chose to use. It has no special meaning within React. Looking at the source, it seems like they wanted a way to distinguish from the React ref prop, not sure why.

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