I need to use booleans within form data. For example:

let example = new FormData();
example.append('aBoolean', true);

This throws and error as the above 'true' needs to be in string form. Do you know a way I can use booleans within FormData? Alternatively even a way to cast it as a boolean when I get the value by:


Assuming i did store the true as a string in the above example.


Well you cannot set Boolean into FormData append method. Only allow datatype are USVString,Blob.

Read more about it from mdn documentation



  • He states that it is not allowing a boolean. This doesnt really answer his question. – Pezetter Nov 8 '18 at 16:24

I believe the second argument of append or set require a string or Blob, not a boolean.

Wherever youre using this I would just use a getter and setter to convert the formData result to boolean. ie:

get aBoolean() {
    return this.formDataExample.get('aBoolean') === 'true' ? true : false; 

set aBoolean(val: boolean) {
   valAsString = val ? 'true' : 'false';
   this.formDataExample.set('aBoolean', valAsString); 

Then access aBoolean like it were a normal variable

this.aBoolean = false; // This goes through the setter

Using an enum would be better than just 'true' or 'false'

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