So I built a Web App in the newest Laravel 5.7 and it worked very well,

until I tried to transform it into PWA (Progressive Web Application).

I did it with sw-precache-webpack-plugin
Here's the implementation:

 plugins: [
    new SWPrecacheWebpackPlugin({
      filename: 'service-worker.js',      
      cacheId: 'pwa',
      staticFileGlobs: ['public/**/*.{css,eot,svg,ttf,woff,woff2,js,html,png,jpg}'],
      minify: true,
      stripPrefix: 'public/',
      handleFetch: true,
      ignoreUrlParametersMatching: [/login/,/register/,/^utm_/],
      dynamicUrlToDependencies: {
        '/login':            ['resources/views/auth/login.blade.php'],
        '/register':         ['resources/views/auth/register.blade.php'],
        '/password/reset':   ['resources/views/auth/passwords/email.blade.php'],        
        '/':                 ['resources/views/index.blade.php'],
        '/dream-journal':    ['resources/views/dream-journal.blade.php'],
        '/techniques':       ['resources/views/techniques.blade.php'],
        '/community':        ['resources/views/community.blade.php'],
        '/profile':          ['resources/views/profile.blade.php'],        
        '/settings':         ['resources/views/settings.blade.php']
      staticFileGlobsIgnorePatterns: [/\.map$/, /mix-manifest\.json$/, /manifest\.json$/, /service-worker\.js$/],
      navigateFallback: '/',
      runtimeCaching: [
          urlPattern: /^https:\/\/fonts\.googleapis\.com\//,
          handler: 'cacheFirst'
          urlPattern: /^https:\/\/www\.thecocktaildb\.com\/images\/media\/drink\/(\w+)\.jpg/,
          handler: 'cacheFirst'
      // importScripts: ['./js/push_message.js']

I also added full manifest.json file, so for the '/', '/login' and '/register' routes (those need no authentication) - Service Worker is actually registered and it caches correctly.

Everything was perfect to this point.
The problem is - now when I go to the /login or /register form and submit it, Laravel throws a

419 Sorry, your session has expired. Please refresh and try again.

Please help me, I'm trying to solve this for days...

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