After git config --global interactive.diffFilter diff-highlight my .gitconfig:

# This is Git's per-user configuration file.
    name = Vitaly Zdanevich
    email = vitaly.zdanevich@xxx.com
    excludesfile = /Users/vitaly/.gitignore_global
[filter "lfs"]
    clean = git-lfs clean -- %f
    smudge = git-lfs smudge --skip -- %f
    process = git-lfs filter-process --skip
    required = true
    tool = vimdiff
    context = 20
    prompt = false
    diffFilter = diff-highlight

But in git commit -p and git add -p I see the same diff line-by-line without color in default terminal.app:

git config interactive.diffFilter diff-highlight git diff without color

Also I tried:

git -c interactive.diffFilter="git diff --color-words" add -p

And get:

fatal: mismatched output from interactive.diffFilter
hint: Your filter must maintain a one-to-one correspondence
hint: between its input and output lines.

My git version is 2.17.2 (Apple Git-113) on macOS 10.14.1 from the official Command Line Tools, I prefer simplicity so not from the Brew.

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