I've always found this very confusing. There is a WindowsAzure.Storage Nuget package authored by Microsoft which allows you to work with, for example, blob storage (creating blobs, etc.). There are also Microsoft.Azure.Storage.* packages which accomplish the same thing, also authored by Microsoft. If your project happens to have dependencies on both, you can have naming conflicts e.g. (The type 'CloudStorageAccount' exists in both 'Microsoft.Azure.Storage.Common, ... and 'Microsoft.WindowsAzure.Storage, ...).

Here are links to the two alternatives:



What is the difference and when would I be motivated to use one over the other?


WindowsAzure.Storage(latest is v9.3.2) is the legacy Storage SDK we always use and Microsoft.Azure.Storage.*(latest v9.4.0) is its new release, nuget available about one year.

Check the changelog of Storage .NET SDK. List part of those important differences/changes.

  1. Microsoft.Azure.Storage splits libraries to three parts, Blob, Queue and File, which means we can install separate package instead of the full edition.

  2. Microsoft.Azure.Storage doesn't support Table API, it is transferred to Microsoft.Azure.CosmosDB.Table, which is only for .NET Framework right now.

  3. Microsoft.Azure.Storage added NetStandard2.0 target support since 9.4.0-preview, which supports synchronous methods wrapped over the asynchronous APIs. WindowsAzure.Storage on NetStandard only has asynchronous APIs.

  4. Microsoft.Azure.Storage v9.4 package moves back to use Microsoft.WindowsAzure.Storage namespace temporarily to ease the transition for existing libraries.

Just make choices based on our requirement.

  • removing Tablestorage access from the newer package (basically blocking TS users from .NET Core) is hopefully gonna be fixed, right now it's still full framework only – hko Jan 30 at 17:46
  • 4
    I don't understand the choice from Microsoft to keep the old WindowsAzure.Storage namespace in the new Microsoft.Azure.Storage library. Now I'm ending up with a namespace conflict because I also reference a 3rd party library that uses the old WindowsAzure.Storage. I'm trying to set an extern alias in my .NET Core project but it's not working. What a hell, so stupid choice Microsoft – Jérôme MEVEL Mar 6 at 6:30

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