DB example:


[{ _id: ObjectId("b1"), author: ObjectId("a1"), name: "Fight Club" }]


[{ _id: ObjectId("a1"), name: "Chuck Palahniuk" }]

When I'm trying to use aggregation framework and populate books with authors the populated field converts to array with single element. Here's my attempt:

     { from: "authors", 
       localField: "author", 
       foreignField: "_id", 
       as: "author"

This gives me next structure:

  _id: ObjectId("b1"), 
  name: "Fight Club", 
  author: [{ _id: ObjectId("a1"), name: "Chuck Palahniuk" }] // why an array?
}, ...]

What I need is simply author: { _id, name}. I Know how to get this with arrayElemAt, but this approach looks strange

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