I know it's a beginner's question but I have a bit of trouble with html / javascript. I learned about the setTimeout (function, time) and I knew how to use it by creating a function. However, I was wondering if it is possible to use this setTimeOut for Aframe.registercomponent my other scripts? I didn't find anything on that and all my attempts failed.

For example for the "audioanalyser-waveform":

AFRAME.registerComponent('audioanalyser-waveform', {
  dependencies: ['audioanalyser'],

  schema: {
    maxHeight: {default: 0.2},
    multiplier: {default: .01},
    radius: {default: 1},

  init: function () {
    this.colors = [];
    this.levels = [];
    this.noisePos = 0;
    this.rings = [];

  update: function () {
    setTimeout(Color, 4000);
    var data = this.data;
    var el = this.el;
    var i; 

This one is in my wave.js script and i know i can call it in my index.html with the tags:

      <a-entity id="analyser"
        audioanalyser="src: #song"
        audioanalyser-waveform="radius: 1"
        rotation="210 0 0"
        position="0 100 -150"

And it would have been so simple if I could add that :

 <script> setTimeout(audioanalyser-waveform, 4000); </script>

But it doesn't work like that and I don't have idea how to set the start / stop of an Aframe.registercomponent to choose its seconds of play.

Can you help me please...


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What are you trying to accomplish? Can you have a component that sets audioanalyser-waveform after 4000ms?

  <a-entity id="analyser"
    audioanalyser="src: #song"
    rotation="210 0 0"
    position="0 100 -150"

Component code:

AFRAME.registerComponent('your-component', {
  init: function () {
    setTimeout(() => {
      this.el.setAttribute('audioanalyser-waveform', {radius: 1});
    }, 4000)
  • I try to create an ""animation music video" and my video must match the music. Yes, it is working ! Thank you !! Mmmh... is it possible to stop my component after 8000ms for example ? (Thanks) – Pulsar19 Nov 8 at 21:59
  • Using setTimeout is probably not the best way to sync with music but you can do this.el.removeAttribute('audioanalyser-waveform') or define methods start / stop in your component that you can call: this.el.components['audioanalyser-waveform'].start() – Diego Marcos Nov 8 at 22:43
  • Sorry I didn't see your answer yesterday. I have some difficult to write these methods start/stop, it is why I prefer setTimeout haha :^) Thank you so much for your help, it is working ! Good evening Diego ! – Pulsar19 Nov 9 at 20:26

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