I'm creating a feature for my site which allows users to make up to 5 posts per day. I need to create a row in my users database with the value 5 that is subtracted 1 each time a user makes a post. I will subtract 1 from this value using PHP when the user makes a post, and then when it reaches 0 the user wont be allowed to make another post. I don't need help with that part. But I need help on how to reset this counter value every day at 12:00 am using an event on the database level. I'm no database expert and so I have two questions:

  1. What should the Type, Length/Values, Default, Collation, Attributes, etc be for this counter value? I was thinking Int, 5, and nothing else. What should it be? It is simply a counter value that starts at 5 and is subtracted 1 for each post made, and it won't be anything less than 0.

  2. What is the proper definition for the database event to reset this counter value every 24 hours? I'm missing a few fields for the event, but this is what I have so far:

Status: ENABLE

Event type: RECURRING

Execute every: 1 DAY

Start: ???

End: ???

Definition: ???

On complete preserve: ???

Definer: ???

Comment: ???

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    Why not query your post table for that user for the day to see they haven't exceeded their daily maximum? Would be a lot more flexible if/when the daily maximums change or if you want those limits to change based on the user. – msturek Nov 8 at 21:00

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