I testing in JMeter backend application, which using websocket connection – in JMeter this is a plugin: Web Socket Sampler by Peter…….

I want to parametrize following variables:



And securityKey let the can switch between them.

To can using 4 different host, four different securityKey.

I don’t want to use any external files.

So I starting from defined user defined variables in Test plan, when I defined : host, port, and securityKey. I set following:

dev dev.mycom.io 80

preprod preprod.mycom.io 80

prod prod.mycom.io 80

localDev local.mycom.com 8080

and then I must set this suitable for 3 different testing environment : development,production,

and next in WebScoket Open Connection I set: Server name or IP: ${host} and Port: ${port}

I added Switch Controller, in which I added WebSocket request-response Sampler

But In SwitchControllet I don’t know how to set Switch Value, and I don’t know how I can set value for another environment.

How is the best way to parametrize this?

I don't think Switch Controller is applicable here, I would recommend going for another approach, to wit:

  1. Create several properties files, like:

    • dev.properties

    • prod.properties

    • etc.
  2. Add HTTP Request Defaults to your Test Plan and refer the properties using __P() function like ${__P(host,)} and ${__P(port,)}

    enter image description here

  3. When you need to switch the environment you can pass the relevant .properties file to JMeter via -q command line argument like:

    jmeter -q dev.properties -t test.jmx 


    jmeter -q prod.properties -t test.jmx 

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