I'm newby in MongoDB and Yii framework, but i need to select data from collection of documents that have complicated structure (nested arrays of data). I managed to write query that does it, but i don't know how to insert it into existing code that uses ActiveRecord and QueryTrait. Here's my query (written using MongoDB syntax):

db.getCollection("product").find({"options.values":{"$elemMatch": {"$elemMatch":{"$in":['some_value']}}} })

But existing code uses ActiveRecord + QueryTrait to select documents:

    $query = new ActiveQuery('product');
    $query->select('_id', 'name');
    $query->andWhere(["_id" => $criteria["id"]]);

Is it possible to insert raw MongoDB query in this code?

Thanks in advance!

  • You should probably use Query instead of ActiveQuery. – rob006 Nov 8 at 20:38

I suggest you to use yii2 official mongodb package


I didn't managed to insert raw queries in ActiveRecord, but i found how to "translate" them into ActiveRecord language. So, the query

{"options.values":{"$elemMatch": {"$elemMatch":{"$in":['some_value']}}} }

is translated like this:

            ['options.values' =>
                ['$elemMatch' =>
                    ['$elemMatch' =>
                        ['$in' => ['value1', 'value2'], ...]

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