I have a access to a url that contains DDL information. I need to download this information into a PostgreSQL database. I've tried Query Tool in pgAdmin4 and also tried creating a script file with the DDL information. Both attempts fail with

ERROR:  syntax error at or near "`"
LINE 14:  CREATE TABLE `table1` (`customer_id` int AUTO_INCREMENT,...

I cannot post the link due to certain sharing restrictions. However this is essentially the information contained in the url


Fake URL: https://raw.githubusercontent.com/Course-Ed/data-200-resources/master/file.sql

CREATE TABLE `table1` (`customer_id` int AUTO_INCREMENT, `login_info` timestamp NULL DEFAULT NULL, `state` varchar(100) DEFAULT NULL, 'deactive` tinyint(1) DEFAULT NULL, `name` varchar(100) DEFAULT NULL, `email` varchar(100) DEFAULT NULL, PRIMARY KEY (`customer_id`));

INSERT INTO `table1` (`customer_id`, `login_info`, `state`, `deactive`, `name`, `email`) VALUES (1, '1993-11-21 03:44:42', '2013-05-25 22:21:50', 'MN', 1, 'Prof. Alf Trantow', 'malcolm.farrell@hotmail.com');

Is there a way to directly download a sql url file into a postgresql database using pgAdmin4 interface? Would appreciate an answer that does not use the command line psql but rather pgAdmin4. Thanks

  • Why using backtick? That's mysql way.. Postgresql use double quote and insert is invalid too.. use single quote for string input.. And deactive you combine backtick with single quote.. That will produce error too.. – dwir182 Nov 9 '18 at 2:21

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