I have a set of mutations that trigger the local state of certain types of popups. They're generally set up like this:

  openDialog: (_, variables, { cache }) => {
    const data = {
      popups: {
        dialog: {
          id: 'dialog',
          __typename: 'Dialog',
          type: variables.type

      data: data
    return null;

And the defaults I pass in look like:

const defaults = {
  popups: {
    __typename: TYPENAMES.POPUPS,
    message: null,
    modal: null,
    menu: null,
    dialog: null

The way they're used in my React code is with a Mutation wrapper component, like so:

const OPEN_ALERT_FORM = gql`
  mutation AlertOpenDialog($type: String!) {
    openDialog(type: $type) @client

class Alert extends Component {
  render() {
    return (
      <Mutation mutation={OPEN_ALERT_FORM} variables={{ type: ALERT_FORM }}>
        {openDialog => {
          return (
              label="Trigger Alert"

For my various popups (I have 3 or 4 different ones, like menu and modal), the mutations to open and close them all look the same, just different typenames and content etc. But, for Dialogs, I get this error when I click on them:

Network error: Missing selection set for object of type Dialog returned for query field dialog

...and then the triggering component disappears from the page. Plus, once that happens, all other popup types disappear when you try clicking on them, and either re-throw that error, or say:

Uncaught Error: A cross-origin error was thrown. React doesn't have access to the actual error object in development.

I've tried re-writing dialogs to match up with other popup types, and re-writing the components as well, but I'm still getting this error. It does appear to be dialog+Apollo specific. What could be the root of this issue? It can't be a backend thing, because this is only dealing with local Apollo. I haven't seen this error before and I'm not sure where to go from here.

  • What does the defaults object you pass to withClientState look like? – Daniel Rearden Nov 8 at 20:51
  • @DanielRearden just updated question with the defaults! – Cassidy Williams Nov 8 at 20:56
  • Hmm. It looks like that error gets thrown whenever the cache has some object (as opposed to just a scalar value) and you try to read that object from the cache without specifying a selection set (i.e. which fields on the type). You can take a look at the test here. Do you have a query that requests the dialog field on popups without specifying the fields on dialog? – Daniel Rearden Nov 8 at 21:26
  • i.e. something like query { popups { dialog } } ? – Daniel Rearden Nov 8 at 21:27
  • @DanielRearden I'll check that out, thanks! I do have a query that checks that, and it appears to be working correctly. – Cassidy Williams Nov 8 at 22:36

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