I'm trying to read values from user input, integer values, inside a for-loop. I need for the loop to skip current iteration when the user presses enter. Something like this.

short value;
for(short i = 0; i < size; i++){
    cout << "Enter value. If you don't feel like it, press enter.";
    cin >> value;
    if(value is different from ENTER)
        cout << "did something with " << i << endl;
    else{ //off to next iteration
        cout << "did nothing with " << i << endl;

sample run:

//input for size = 3

did something with 0
did nothing with 1
did something with 2

I have seen in many places that cin is not the best candidate for this, but I have not found an example I can apply to reading integers, not strings.

Note: I don't really want to validate that it's an integer being input, I just need to know if it's just an ENTER and ignore it and move on to the next iteration.


Maybe use: continue

When you use continue, the current loop is skip.

In if you can do: if(value!='\n'){...}

\n is ENTER


for(short i = 0; i < 10; i++){
            cout << "Enter value. If you don't feel like it, press enter.";
                cout << "did something with " << i << endl;
            else{ //off to next iteration
  • sorry but this does not work, if press 23Enter it evaluates value!='n' to true but if press Enter, it just keeps on waiting for it until an "actual" value is input – Scaramouche Nov 8 at 21:07
  • use cin.get() function to catch '\n' and later you have to clear and ignore cin. – mansio Nov 8 at 21:21
  • how can I use value in your edit? I need it to store the input number – Scaramouche Nov 9 at 0:54

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