I am trying to authenticate my angular 6 client using ADFS 3.0 (OAuth 2 enabled). Anyone implemented authentication with similar setup? my backend is .net core api, i am thinking to authenticate the user against adfs 3.0 in angular client, get access token from adfs and pass it to api on each api call.

Let me know if anyone tried this approach and how did it go? I see some posts on stackoverflow referring adal to connect to on-prem adfs (Angular 2 Authenticatication with on-prem ADFS & Integrate ADFS with Angular 2 project) but not sure if anyone got it working.

At this point we cannot upgrade to ADFS 4.0.

Any pointers on achieving this will be appreciated.

  • Won't work, ADFS 3.0 does not support implicit grant type for you to authenticate on the client side. I had a similar question awhile back. If your angular and dotnet core is hosted on the same domain you can let dotnet core handle the authentication, otherwise you'll have to do a workaround like I have on that question. – penleychan Nov 8 at 21:28
  • plans got changed, we need to go with AD FS WS-Federation emitting JWT. I see that the authentication should be done at .net core api side, but trying to figure out when and how to pass access token to angular client and validate it again in .net core api on each call from client. any best practices? – Madan yesterday

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