I am having a problem with class React.ComponentClass type class.

My TypeScript version is 2.4.2 -

My component is this:

import * as React from 'react';
import { injectIntl, InjectedIntlProps } from 'react-intl';

interface IBlahProps extends InjectedIntlProps {


class BlahBase extends React.Component<IBlahProps> {


const Blah = injectIntl(BlahBase);

export default Blah;

This all works fine.

But when I consume this component like this:

render() {
  return <Blah />

The <Blah /> gets underlined saying screenshot below:

[ts] Type '{}' is not assignable to type

'Readonly'. Property 'intl' is missing in type '{}'.

import Blah

How can I understand why this is the case, and how can I fix it? I don't want to have to do <Blah intl={intl} />.

The index.d.ts for injectIntl looks like this:

function injectIntl<P>(component: ComponentConstructor<P & InjectedIntlProps>, options?: InjectIntlConfig):
        React.ComponentClass<P> & { WrappedComponent: ComponentConstructor<P & InjectedIntlProps> };

I'm able to fix this by changing the interface from extending InjectedIntlProps to a type like this:

type IBlahProps = InjectedIntlProps & {


But I have no idea why extending InjectedIntlProps doesn't fix it.

enter image description here


maybe there is a typo?

I just tested your example with typescript 2.9.2, works well for me:

import { injectIntl, InjectedIntl } from "react-intl";

interface IBlahProps  {
  intl: InjectedIntl;

class BlahBase extends React.Component<IBlahProps> {


const Blah = injectIntl(BlahBase);

Please notice const Blah not class Blah

enter image description here

  • Oh thanks I fixed mistake in question, it was just in question I made typo. I tested again and am getting same error :( My typescript version is 2.5. I upvoted for your effort. :) – Noitidart Nov 8 '18 at 22:50

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