I'm building an XD plugin, can I require addition files? Can I require files outside my plugin's directory?

Does XD support Node.js-style resolution?

Can I use lookup in a package.json?

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Yes. Note that require file resolution does not align with Node.js-style resolution. You can only require files in your plugin directory, and there’s no lookup in a package.json should it exist.

Requiring in XD APIs

XD APIs are made available to your code using require:

const { Artboard } = require("scenegraph");


const clipboard = require("clipboard");

The available XD APIs are listed in the XD plugin docs.

Requiring in libraries

If you have a file called jquery.js at the root level of your plugin, you can require it in like this:

const $ = require("./jquery");

Here's a sample plugin on the XD plugin samples GitHub repo that demonstrates this.

The XD plugin API docs have a page on JavaScript support that includes some of this information and more.

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