Say I have an iOS music library with this playlist structure:

A Folder
---> A Playlist
     ---> Song A

I run the following code:

import MediaPlayer

let playlists = MPMediaQuery.playlists().collections! as! [MPMediaPlaylist]
for playlist in playlists {
    let firstItemName = playlist.items.first?.title ?? "none"
    print("playlist: \(!), first item: \"\(firstItemName)\"")

and I get this console output:

playlist: A Playlist, first item: "Song A"

playlist: A Folder, first item: "Song A"

I've looked through all of the MediaPlayer framework documentation, and can't find any way to discover the parent/child relationship between the playlist and the folder through the API (or even to tell that a collection contains other collections). I'd like to present A Playlist only after a user has browsed through A Folder, rather than showing them as siblings (or maybe even filter out A Folder altogether.

Also, the folder and the playlist both have the same class at runtime: MPConcreteMediaPlaylist.

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