So my apache ant code does the following -downloads a zip called "test.zip" and apache ant unzips it into "C:\Documents\files\" . The "test.zip" consists of 1 folder called "cars" and again with apache ant I am zipping the content of "C:\Documents\files\" folder into a zip called "output.zip " -the zip has 1 folder "cars" with files from "C:\Documents\files\".

Now I see that the "test.zip" structure has changed and it is - "\stuff\info\" and in the "info" folder all files are exactly the same as the files before in the "cars" folder.I am extracting again in "C:\Documents\files\" and my goal is to get all the files from the extracted directory - "C:\Documents\files\stuff\info\" and put them in a zip called again "output.zip" which has 1 folder called "cars" and in there are all files from "C:\Documents\files\stuff\info\".Is this possbile by editing the current apache ant code without making new folders cutting files and then zip them so I can preserve the old structure?

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