I'm trying to test the ng content inside my component but jasmine can't see anything inside of ion-row. I already import ionicmodule when I'm cofiguring the testbed but it still doesn't see it.


    <div class="bold" text-wrap>
          <ion-col style="margin-left: 0.9375rem;">

my spec file:

    template: `<my-component>hey</my-component>`

class MockMyComponent{


describe('Component: MyComponent',()=>{

    let fixture;
    let component;
    let element;

    let mockFixture;
    let mockComponent;
    let mockElement;


        fixture = TestBed.createComponent(AccordionHeaderComponent);
        component = fixture.componentInstance;
        element = fixture.nativeElement;

        mockFixture = TestBed.createComponent(MockMyComponent);
        mockComponent = mockFixture.componentInstance;
        mockElement = mockFixture.nativeElement;


    it("Mock Component: should say 'hello'",()=>{

when I log the variable mockElement I get this:

<div id="root8" ng-version="5.2.11">
     <ion-item class="item item-block item-md"><div class="item-inner"> 
        <div class="input-wrapper">

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