Im looking for a little help as to why google sheets seems to be ignoring additional nested IF(AND( statements, I'm pretty familiar with google sheets, the syntax, and what functions actually do but I've run into a problem I can't pin down. I have the following formula


The problem I have is that if both of these cells have a value it works fine, but if either of them have "#N/A" even though I have the other two IF(AND statements to handle those cases, it returns "#N/A" the only thing I haven't tested is that both cells have QUERY formulas in them that pull values from another sheet. Why would it work properly on the first statement


but overlook the other two statements that are nested to handle the other two possible cases?


I'm not getting an error in the other two cases, it just returns the empty output from whichever cell has an empty output in its Query and seems to ignore the cell that has a value in it.

I haven't used IFERROR,SWITCH, OR CASE ever, but would I be correct in assuming that this is where I may need to use one or more of them in order to have it ignore the empty output and grab the value from the other cell that holds a value?

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