If I have a simple JEE Batch job, with a step that can process data in parallel.

I want to read data from different sources and as they are independent - it can be done simultaneously in several threads.


<step id="step1">
  <chunk checkpoint-policy="item" item-count="15">
    <reader ref="MyReader">
        <!-- some properties -->
    <processor ref="MyProcessor"></processor>
    <writer ref="MyWriter"></writer>
    <mapper ref="MyPartitionMapper"/>

And let's say, my reader, is using the checkpoint because in case of error I want to restart the partition and process only data which haven't been already read and processed.

Question: If I have such scenario (several data sources, reading in parallel), can I restart the job or the partition in case of error with checkpoint saved for this specific partition?

In other words, even if I have to restart the job, will I have separate checkpoint saved for each partition, so for each data source, I read only new data (not already processed)?

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