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I have a simple code. There is a string named book with the value of "mybook". I want to find the index of 'y' character in "mybook" string. So I used this code but it did not return the index of the 'y' character.

string book = "mybook";
char y = 'y';
int yPosition = book.IndexOf(y);

Console.WriteLine("y position is: ", yPosition);

When I run this code, the answer is this and nothing more:

y position is: 

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You forgot the include where the formatted element will be included in your format string.

If you change

Console.WriteLine("y position is: ",yPosition);


Console.WriteLine("y position is: {0}",yPosition);

you should get the desired behavior. If you were to place a breakpoint on your Console.WriteLine call, you could verify in debug mode that yPosition has a value, and that the value it has is 1.


You forgot to print the value of yPosition:

Console.WriteLine($"y position is: {yPosition}");

The IndexOf method returns -1 if the character or string is not found in this instance. That is why, your variable yPosition should always have some int value. You can check it if you set a breakpoint on the line:

int yPosition = book.IndexOf(y);

In the Console.WriteLine, you forgot to provide the format position for the yPosition. Change the line to following:

Console.WriteLine("y position is: {0}",yPosition);

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