I am using a custom fee to calculate a discount based on amount of items in cart. Discount becomes more if there are more products in the cart.

Discount should be €5 for 2 products, but is €6,05 because 21% tax gets calculated over the discount amount.

The code i'am using is the following

    // Hook before calculate fees
    add_action('woocommerce_cart_calculate_fees' , 'add_custom_fees');

    * Add custom fee bij meer dan 2 artikelen
    * @param WC_Cart $cart
    function add_custom_fees( WC_Cart $cart ){
    if( $cart->cart_contents_count < 2 ){

//$Korting = Winkelwagen geteld * 5) - 5 (-5 is om eerste product korting te verwijderen;
// Calculate the amount to reduce
$discount = ($cart->get_cart_contents_count() * 5) -5;
$cart->add_fee( 'Sinterklaaskorting', -$discount, false);

Can someone help to get the tax out of the fee.


The Fee API can be tweaked to make a discount using a negative fee, just as your code does.

But in that case the taxes are always applied when using a negative amount, so the third argument $taxable in WC_Cart add_fees() method is always true even if you set it to false.
See: Apply a discount on the cart content total excluding taxes in WooCommerce

There is no turn around for this case, as the WC_Cart Fee API is made for fee but not for discount.

You could use: Apply automatically a coupon based on specific cart items count in Woocommerce
with a percentage discount, but the taxes are also applied when using coupons.

So there is no way to get a discount without removing taxes at the same time.

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