I have to create a java application that will simulate any energy monitor using synthetic data and display user statistics.the app also needs a user interface.I was looking for recommendations on what language i should use to create the interface,and also is there a way to create the app so that the programme doesn't require a database to store user statistics?

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    if you are a beginner programmer i'd suggest writing/reading/saving to a file is the easiest way to go about saving user statistics, settings and so on – RAZ_Muh_Taz Nov 8 at 23:08
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    Questions asking multiple (largely) unrelated things are "too broad". Requests for (language) recommendations are off-topic. But yes, you can store data without using a database. The problem is that if you don't use a database you won't have "database like" characteristics such as the ability to query large amounts of data efficiently, transactions, robustness. That may be a problem, depending on your requirements. – Stephen C Nov 8 at 23:11
  • Storing into a file works as well as long as you don't need to select specific data. – Forbs Nov 8 at 23:54
  • Java File Input and Output is fairly robust - If you have programmed in Java for any appreciable amount of time, then you would have learned what "Java Serialized Objects" are. The best way, from my experience - but others might disagree - is to use Java's Generics (java.util.*) to save data as a serialized object. If you have a Vector<any-type> and need to save data without resorting to JDBC and ODBC commands to interact with a database, then java.io.Serializable is the right idea for you. – Ralph Torello Nov 9 at 17:29

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