I want to update certain fields in a mysql table, if a match of a row for today's date exists and otherwise create a new row. Here is how I implemented this:

// define list of investor databases
$dblist = array('investor_0','investor_1','investor_5');

// loop through investor lists and update todays row
foreach ($dblist as &$db) {

// prepare statement
$prep_stmt = "SELECT id FROM $db WHERE date >= ?
$stmt = $mysqli->prepare($prep_stmt);
$stmt->bind_param('s', $date);

// execute query

// check if row for today already exists
if ($stmt->num_rows == 1) {

    // prepare insert statement
    $update_stmt = $mysqli->prepare("UPDATE $db SET last_updated = ?, SET netliq_ib = ? WHERE id = ?");

    // bind parameters
    $update_stmt->bind_param('sdi', $lastUpdated, $ibNetLiq, $id);

    // execute statement

} else {

// the else statement, where i create a new row, works as intended


This line throws the error $update_stmt->bind_param('sdi', $lastUpdated, $ibNetLiq, $id); - and I simply can't find the reason why. The error says, that the function bin_param() does not exist for boolean variable (which indicates to me, that $update_stmt is set to false, which must have happened the row before). Am I using some reserved word in the statement? Any help would be appreciated - thx!

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  • You use SET twice in your update statement, which is not correct SQL syntax. You should use SET once, then follow it with one or more assignments, separated by commas. You should always check the return value of query() or prepare() or execute(), they return false when there's an error. – Bill Karwin Nov 8 at 23:25
  • The error message will tell you which keyword was used twice. – mario Nov 8 at 23:25
  • Basically it means you made typo (typing mistake) 90% times – bakero98 Nov 8 at 23:43

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