Hi all I'm starting a new Python 3 document in Jupyter, and when I tried to put the test in the center in a markdown, I put: <h1><center> Whatever Report </center></h1> <center> Based on the data from *January 1, 2018* </center>

As you can see I tried to italicize the date, yet when I ran the command, Based on the data from *January 1, 2018*is printed as a result. Why aren't the texts being italicized?

Thanks much!

  • Is there a reason you can't use <i>, </i> tags? – Evan Nov 8 at 23:58
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Not any kind of markdown expert, but it looks like the asterisks are not interpreted as italics when within an HTML tag. First one works, second does not.

<center>Based on the data from <i>January 1, 2018</i></center>
<center>Based on the data from *January 1, 2018*<center>

Not sure to format that output for SO. Ha.

You need to put your markdown in markdown cells, not embedded in html. http://www.firstpythonnotebook.org/markdown/

  • Thanks for the pointer, just getting started with Jupyter and the guidance is helpful. – rhea.rao Nov 9 at 0:17

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