My code is here. I am having issues with the ã character when filtering an amp-state.

I have two states, menu (which I cannot edit becaues is external and will come from a JSON API) and selection (updated with user's selection)

In the last line I want to filter the menu state with the two parameters that the user selects. However the ã character is not being recognize and is problematic. If I remove all the ã from menu state and then I filter by Impressao then it works. But unfortunately, the menu state is something I cannot change.



To solve this you can use bracket notation instead of dot notion in your expression, both will pass AMP validation.

<p [text]="'Length of filtered Array: ' + menu.array.filter(pos =>
             pos.Tamanho == selection.Tamanho
             pos['Impressão'] == selection['Impressao']
             ).length">Length of filtered Array: ?</p>

Here's a working fiddle.

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