Need your help, the below is my table structure in Postgres

Eid     Teamid  Working Days
1000067 166570  21
1000075 163138  21
1000086 163077  21
1000086 185102  21

The record 1000086 has two teams and I have to update one of the teams to 0 days. When this is displayed in the UI, the manager can update, but can you please help me with a better solution?

I am trying with different queries but finding it lil tricky.

  • Can you post some of the queries you've tried? – Milliron X Nov 9 at 0:13
  • SELECT distinct a.employee_id , a.oracle_sub_team_code ,a.total_days FROM resourcetracker_totaldays a JOIN (SELECT employee_id, COUNT() FROM resourcetracker_totaldays GROUP BY employee_id HAVING count() > 1 ) b ON a.employee_id = b.employee_id where month_value = 'NOVEMBER' order by a.employee_id – Vijay Nov 9 at 0:22
  • I am using this to find the list of records, but i am not able to update one of the rows to 0 where it belongs to two teams – Vijay Nov 9 at 0:22

I think this solution works ,

update resourcetracker_totaldays set total_days = 0 where id =
select id from (SELECT id ,employee_id, total_days, oracle_sub_team_code, ROW_NUMBER() OVER (PARTITION BY employee_id) AS ranks FROM resourcetracker_totaldays where month_value = 'NOVEMBER' ) al where ranks > 1

I am finding the rank which gives me 2nd , 3rd occurences of that record in that table , i am taking the records with ranks > 1 and updating all those total_days values to 0 , this will have all records in the table but will have total_days only for one team.

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