At work, we are using PHP 5.6, Lumen 5.1. Due to some setup issues related to the project and work, I cannot run any composer command nor PHP artisan, I get errors like this and others. The project only runs on the server. Now if I want to create a table, I have two options:

  • Run the migration on the server, then download it using sftp
  • Create another lumen project on my PC, do migration and then move them to the project's folder

Is there a portable php artisan I can put in the project folder or can I alias php artisan from some other lumen project to generate files in the project I work on? Or a batch script? I'm on Windows 10

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I wrote this batch script, since I found nothing, it goes to some lumen project, generates the migration then sets the path to the work project

@ECHO off
doskey pa = D: $T cd D:\lumen $T php artisan make:migration $1 --path=../../work/database/migrations

If you have a better answer I'll accept yours of course and upvote it.

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