I have the following issue. My form fields look like this:

<input type="radio" class="medical" id="medical" name="medical" value="Yes" /> Yes
<br />
<input type="radio" class="medical" id="medical" name="medical" value="No" /> No

The following code is doing the calling:

//Load the paths file
require_once '../../sys/core/functions.php';

//These functions provide the checks for the signup page.
//Validate and clean up form input from the user
$validate = new validateFormInput;
$validate->setFilterUserInput(new filterUserInput);

    $error = $validate->isValid($_POST);

    if(true !== $error){

//Check if the form has been submitted
    $error = $validate->isValid($_POST);

    if(true !== $error){
    } else {
        //Get the varified data
        $varified_data = $validate->getData();
        $fname = $varified_data['fname'];
        $lname = $varified_data['lname'];
        $bday = $varified_data['bday'];
        $email = $varified_data['email'];
        $home_number = $varified_data['home_number'];
        $mobile_number = $varified_data['mobile_number'];
        $work_number = $varified_data['work_number'];
        $medical = $varified_data['medical'];
        //$medicaltxt = $varified_data['medicaltxt'];
        //$martialarts = $varified_data['martialartsexp'];


} // Ends the form submitted check

I use this class to clean up the user input:


        class validateFormInput {

            protected $validData;
            protected $rawData;

            protected $filterUserInput;

            //This method will filter the user's input
            public function setFilterUserInput($filter){
                $this->filterUserInput = $filter;
                return $this;

            //This method checks the validity of the form fields
            public function isValid($params){
                $this->rawData = $params;

                foreach ($params as $name => $value) {
                    $method = 'validate' . $name;
                    $value = $this->filterUserInput->filter($value);

                    if(method_exists($this, $method)){
                        $error = $this->$method($value);

                        if(true !== $error){
                            return $error;

                    //This is goood data
                    $this->validData[$name] = $value;

                return true;

        //Check if the medical radio buttons are set
        public function validatemedical($medical) {
            //return $medical;
                return 'Please select one option!';
            return true;
        } //Ends medical check

I have tried MULTIPLE options. When I return $medical and the I checked one of the radio buttons I get the 'Yes' or 'No' on the page I post to, HOWEVER when I do not check ANY of the radio buttons I am supposed to get 'Please select one option!'on the page. I am NOT getting ANY return, just a blank page. Even if I completely take out the if statements and ONLY try to return the 'Please ...'it comes up with a blank screen. All my other functions are the same and they all work fine. I even tried:

if(!isset($medical) ...

Even that did not want to return the 'Please ...

Can anyone please help me, maybe I am missing something somewhere.

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    Can you show us how you get your $_POST['medical'] variable? Also show us how you call your function validatemedical(). – Erlisar Vasquez Nov 9 at 0:45
  • Enable error reporting. We also need to see the HTML/form for this. Your question is unclear. – Funk Forty Niner Nov 9 at 0:54
  • You might forgot to pass a parameter when you call the function or forgot to call the function at all. – Erlisar Vasquez Nov 9 at 0:56
  • 1
    Seems to me that as soon as you call that function (given you are), you're immediately executing return true;. You can @member one of us. I feel I'll be waiting a while to see an update/response. – Funk Forty Niner Nov 9 at 0:58
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    after you_ve shown the full code: I can't see where you ever would call validateFormInput::validatemedical(). – Jeff Nov 9 at 1:34

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