People help me, while i run my program in javaFx, the layout of my components reasize without my instructions.

I add this listener to restore layouts still that hapeness this

public void addListenerShit(){
        VBox vbox = (VBox) components.get("vBoxLoginLeft");
        vbox.layoutBoundsProperty().addListener(new ChangeListener<Bounds>(){
            public void changed(ObservableValue<? extends Bounds> observable, Bounds oldValue, Bounds newValue){
                    changed = false;
                    JFXTextField textField = (JFXTextField) components.get("utilizadorLogin");
                    textField.resize((screenWidth * 1000)/2100, screenHeight * 1340 /4000);
                    JFXPasswordField textField1 = (JFXPasswordField) components.get("passwordLogin");
                    textField1.resize(screenWidth * 1000/2100, screenHeight * 1340 /4000);
                    VBox vbox = (VBox) components.get("vBoxLoginLeft");
                    vbox.resize(screenWidth * 1000/2100 - 60, screenHeight * 1340 /1500);

                } else {
                    changed = true;

I study computer science, var changed to not have cycle infinity. Thanks people.

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    If the parent layout of your node determines the size of your node, during a layout pass the node is resized to the size determined by the parent. – fabian Nov 9 at 1:20

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