I'm trying to find a way to merge a merge request in gitlab from command line. Does anyone know how this can be achieved instead of merging the same from the GUI interface.

Any pointers are greatly appreciated. Thanks!

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    Checkout merge requests locally as branches and merge them. – phd Nov 9 at 9:52
  • Interesting workaround, but does that mean the new push of the local branch after the merge request is checked out would create a new remote branch and merge it rather than the original merge request? I'm looking to simply merge the original merge request present on gitlab. – Jose Nov 9 at 20:12
  • Then you need to use an API command line wrapper like git-spindel, gitlab, gitlab-cli, cli-gitlab. – phd Nov 9 at 20:21
  • Thanks phd, That's exactly what I was trying to avoid, installing something additional, this question was to find if there was a way to do it without any additions and if there was an existing gitlab ABI that could be used to perform this. – Jose Nov 9 at 21:32

You can merge it like any other branch:

git checkout target-branch
git merge feature-branch
git push

The Gitlab UI will then show the merge request as merged.

  • Thanks for the info oxley, I was looking for something like a command to merge the merge commit with the merge commit number or the SHA number as we can do in git. gerrit review $COMMIT_ID --message '"Submit changes to GIT."' --submit – Jose Nov 9 at 18:38

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