I have the following use case and I'm wondering if its supported in dask/dask-distributed.

I want to have a python process that creates a client connection to a remote dask cluster (I got this part to work). Then submits a task that takes a long time to run. Then prints the key of this task's future. Then exits. Then I want a user to be able to open up a python process later and look for the results using that key, and eventually delete the results when they are done with them.

I am aware of the publish_dataset/get_dataset apis, but as far as I can tell these don't prevent the future from being cancelled when the Client closes and only allow you to restart the same future later.

I have noticed that the Client object is setup so that on close it cancels all of the futures that it owns, which prevents my above use case. I was wondering if there is a better way to achieve what I'm trying to achieve above or if there's a way to get the client not to cancel everything on close.


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  • Could you write your result to storage somewhere instead of holding it in memory on the cluster? – Jacob Tomlinson 6 hours ago

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