I have a list of email address i use to create nodes. However if one of those email address already exist I don't want to get a CATCH '....node already exist' error since this would kill the entire query and none of the nodes would be created. So I am using a MERGE then ON CREATE to check the existence on the email address before creating the node. Problem is I need to create a relationship with a second node so after the MERGE and ON CREATE I have to use a WITH....CREATE to create the relationship and here lies the problem... the WITH is not under the 'scope' of the ON CREATE so the CREATE (a)--[r]->(b) now tries to create the a node with the email address I skipped in the MERGE above...resulting in CATCH '...already exist...' error a trash my query. Here is my CYPHER:

      .run['tom@abc.com', 'tony@mymail.com',michael@gmail.com'] AS coll
        UNWIND coll AS invitee
        WITH DISTINCT invitee
        MERGE (i {email: invitee})
        ON CREATE
          SET i:Invitee
        WITH i,invitee
        CREATE (s:Person {email: 'xyz123@abc.com})-[r:INVITED]->(i)
        RETURN i.email AS emails, COUNT(r) AS invitees)

What I am expecting to return is a list of only the email addresses where a node and relationship was created. Basically I need to be in the 'scope' of the ON CREATE since the duplicate would have been skipped. Any help in making this work would be greatly appreciated.

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    You have a lot of other errors in your query. So, even if your stated issue is fixed, there would still be errors. For example, r, sponsorEmail, and inviteeEmails are never defined. You need to correct your question to remove the other errors (or simply your query to isolate your main issue). – cybersam Nov 9 at 8:32


  {email:'tom@abc.com', name:'tom'},
  {email:'tony@mymail.com', name:'tony'},
  {email:'michael@gmail.com', name:'mike'}] AS coll
MATCH (s:Person {email: 'me@aol.com'})
WITH s, coll, COUNT(x) AS orig_count
UNWIND coll AS invitee
WITH DISTINCT s, orig_count, invitee
OPTIONAL MATCH (i {email: invitee.email, name: invitee.name})
  CREATE (s)-[r:INVITED]->(:Invitee {email: invitee.email, name: invitee.name})
WITH s, orig_count
RETURN COUNT(DISTINCT x) - orig_count AS new_relationship_count


  • The OPTIONAL MATCH clause will generate a NULL value for i if the node pattern is not found.
  • CASE WHEN i IS NULL THEN [1] ELSE [] END will return a non-empty list if and only if i is NULL.
  • If the list is empty, then the FOREACH clause will not execute its contained write clause(s). Otherwise, it will execute all of them.
  • At the beginning, this query first gets a count (orig_count) of the original number of INVITED relationships outgoing from s.
  • At the end, it gets a final count and subtracts orig_count from that to get new_relationship_count.
  • @cybersam....I have edited the question for clarity. I am not sure I am clear on the answer!....are you creating the node and relationship IF there was a MATCH? Because I want to do the opposite....I will however test your answer. – MichaelE Nov 9 at 12:09
  • @cybersam...The CREATE (s:Person {email:......) line failed with the constraint error so I retrieved that node with a MATCH statement just before the OPTIONAL MATCH and then use CREATE (s)-[INVITED]->(i) in the FOREACH(...) statement. This worked, however I cannot access any values (s,r,i) in the FOREACH block for my RETURN statement....I get undefined. I need to know how many successful relationships were created OR how successful CREATE (i:Invitee {....}) were created – MichaelE Nov 9 at 14:18
  • Can you update your question with an addendum that shows the actual query that you are using? – cybersam Nov 9 at 19:14
  • See my updated answer. – cybersam Nov 9 at 19:27
  • @cybersam.....Your edit is the same change I made...however the main problem is that FOREACH won't allow access to the 'result' of the queries/mutations within the FOREACH block so for my purposes I can't use FOREACH....I am trying to rework the UNWIND with the OPTIONAL MATCH and the CASE statement to see if that would work...nothing yet. – MichaelE Nov 9 at 20:45

Ok... so the neither FOREACH nor CASE did the trick. Actually the WHERE clause did. My original need as stated in the question was to accept a list of emails, create nodes where a node doesn't exist for an email in the list and return a list of the created emails nodes and a count of how many....AND didn't fail on an 'email already exist...' error CATCH statement.This is the solution I mustered:

MATCH(s:Person {email: 'mike@gmailxxx.com'})
WITH s, ['abcd123@abc.com','abcd123@abc.com','abcd456@abc.com','michael@abc.com'] AS coll
   UNWIND coll AS invitee
   WITH DISTINCT invitee, s
    OPTIONAL MATCH (i {email: invitee})
    WITH s,invitee, i
      CREATE (s)-[r:INVITED]->(n:Invitee {email:invitee})
  RETURN s,n, COUNT(r) 

With the WHERE clause I was able to focus on only those emails for which there were no nodes already created.

Thanks to @cybersam for his suggestion of the OPTIONAL MATCH and his iterations for a possible solution.

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